HAIR LUX BARBADOS – ONLINE HAIR CLUB is all about making a difference. We want you to have the look and style of hair you deserve, changing your hair look and style should not mean breaking the bank. We offer customers looking for great quality 100% Brazilian Virgin unprocessed, and Human hair, excellent quality at affordable prices. We make it easy for Barbados shoppers by partnering with Glow Beauty Supplies located at The Dome Mall, Warrens, Barbados. All items on our website are priced in US Dollars. (USD) For Barbados shoppers prices of items include pre-calculated customs duties and clearance, making it easier for you. When you product reaches Barbados, we wait until it clears customs before notifying you for pick-up.


1: Visit our website and review our selection of products. See what you are looking for but want to touch  and see the quality?

2: Visit Glow Beauty Supplies and request to see  a sample of the item you were reviewing.

3: Upon review, place your order online, we handle the shipping cost customs clearance, all included in the price of your item. Your item will be delivered to Glow Beauty Supplies approx 5-7 business days after order confirmation. You will receive an email alert when your product is available for pickup.

4: Online orders displaying quantity available in stock are available for pick-up same day at Glow Beauty Supplies.